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Lets watch some porn

Couples who have a television in their bedroom have sex twice as often as those with a TV-bereft boudoir, according to a U.K. poll. Why? Thirty seven percent of the bedroom-TV watchers said they scoped pornographic movies together. (Nearly half said they’d had sex while watching TV. Hooray, multitasking!)

The poll wasn’t very scientific. But plenty of sexperts say scoping erotic videos with your significant other is a great way to ignite fresh heat between the sheets. “Watching porn together expands your sexual repertoire, which is the key to having a long-lasting, enjoyable sex life,” says Emily Morse, a doctor of human sexuality and host of the hit podcast Sex with Emily . 

Sold? Now for the next steps: bringing it up with your partner, and making it happen. Morse and other experts provide answers:

lets watch some porn