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Martin mystery porn hentai

M.O.M is often seen as being harsh and authoritative with her employees, especially Martin Mystery. Nevertheless, M.O.M is shown to care for her agents and have a strong sense of responsibility. It is often hinted throughout the show that M.O.M might be somewhat of a workaholic by the fact that she was forced to take up a hobby and has never taken a sick day. Her life outside of the Center is also unknown. In " It Came From The Gateway Part 2" according to the Center's database, before M.O.M came to the Center, she drove an ice cream truck.

As of the last episode, M.O.M's evaluation was downgraded for allowing a breech of Center security and for attitude and personality difficulties, she was sent to a training camp to rectify the issues (much to her annoyance). As a result, Billy was left in charge of the Center while she was gone. It is unknown if she returns as the Head of the Center.

martin mystery porn hentai