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Nita slowly gained back her vision as she said those words. She found herself staring up at the rock ceiling of the Deathclaw Cave, and looking to the right, she saw Clover unharmed.

But she also noticed something else. Her Dart Gun was sitting a few feet away from her. In about six pieces.

She cursed. Of all the times she chose to bring only one weapon with her… She had decided to bring the Dart Gun only because it was light, and it wouldn't slow her down after she had gotten her hands on Vengeance. Rather reckless seeing as how she was dealing with Deathclaws , but she had dealt with Deathclaws in the past, and had never known them to use numbers to overwhelm their pray.

Then again, she had never known then to just knock out their pray either. It was lucky though, otherwise she and Clover might have been food by now.

Speaking of the Deathclaws, Nita was happy to note that there was no sign of them anywhere. Now, all she had to do was wake up Clover, and…

pussy halo mod nude porn