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Sherry potter porn sites

she has beautiful eyes, and gorgeous hair. she could do a lot with her hair. it's perfect for some of the newer styles.

I think she is so hot...! She reminds me of the girl from the movie Requiem For A Dream. I'd be kissing her to any where she wanted me to and I do mean anywhere... Know what im sayin' boys....! I'd tell her Hey Baby, I'm an astronaunt,(pause) and my next trip is to Uranus!

This little woman is so sexy, sweet and absolutely fantastic that it is impossible to think that there is anyone on earth as lovely as she is. I hope that we are allowed to see her for many years to come. Live long, be happy and prosper lovely Cherry.

I don't know guys I think this chick has no body at all. I agree that small tits can be great but she has no hips or ass at all. And I don't think she's great at oral either. Meh... to each their own :)

More Cherry Potter vids. Also if anyone has any Melissa Doll or Sweet Amy Lee vids, post em PLEASE!! I love those canadian sweethearts!! Thanks again dude!!! PS: Also any vids of her when she was going by Sherri Angel or Cherry Petite

sherry potter porn sites